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Who We Are

Jill McCrae is an Interior Designer and founder of Marin based JM Interiors. Jill brings to the table her well honed  eye for textiles, color and home decor. Her love of collections was cultivated by years in the New York fashion industry, launching and managing divisions for DKNY, Guess? and Urban Outfitters.  Jill’s appreciation for timeless beauty and modern design are evident in the development of the Archival Decor brand.

Michelle Pattee began her creative career as a freelance photographer. She shoots for both private and corporate clientele. Michelle can be found at www.michellepattee.com.   Michelle’s development as a Home Accessories Designer allows her photography to transcend into a new realm, as she creates the images     for the Archival Decor products. She is a Northern California native and CCA alumni. Inspirations arrive daily, courtesy of her San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle.